Should You Reach out To an Agent First or A Lender?

Emily Terpak November 1, 2023

There is technically no right or wrong answer but in my opinion, I think it helps to talk to a real estate agent before talking to a lender. The main reason being that a real estate agent can recommend a few great lenders to get you started. Unfortunately, not all lenders are created equal and it helps to know that your agent has personally done business with this person before. Not only does that increase the chances of your deal going smoothly, but the lender also has more of a reason to make sure that you’re satisfied and their business relationship with the agent continues. 

You might also require a special loan (if you’re a doctor, lawyer, or veteran) or need a certain type of grant. Since not all lenders handle all types of loans or grants, an agent will most likely have the perfect lender contact for you depending on your needs. 

Remember, lenders can make or break a deal and oftentimes you won’t know that you’re working with a subpar lender until it’s too late. It’s always better to get off on the right foot with a great lender.

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