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Meet Emily Terpak


Emily Terpak

Principal Agent


Emily is an extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and thorough relator. She is trustworthy and was always open to break down the home buying process in layman terms in order to increase our understanding. Emily is consistent, reliable, and always available to lend support. It was such a blessing to meet Emily at an open house!

— Elizabeth


Emily was an absolute pleasure to work with! We were faced with the task of selling our home all while also looking for our next one. Super stressful process but Emily helped ease our worries and made the whole process from start to finish stress free! She was able to answer all of my silly questions and help better understand. Highly recommend her if you're looking to sell/buy. Love her!

— Jessica


We got lucky finding Emily as our realtor. As first time homebuyers with busy work schedules, Emily went out of her way to accommodate our availability and she was patient with us as we looked for our new home. Emily was incredibly responsive and made the entire buying process a breeze in such a competitive market! Her expertise helped us make competitive offers and find our first home! I recommend Emily...

— Tyler


We were fortunate to meet Emily at an open house, and after speaking with her for a few minutes, we knew we wanted her to be our realtor! As first-time home buyers, we especially appreciated Emily's patience and thoughtful explanations of the process. Emily is highly responsive and always managed to work around our busy schedules. Her knowledge of the current market and what we could do to make our offer...

— Elizabeth M.


As a first-time homebuyer, I was initially a bit overwhelmed by the whole process. Emily explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and was never frustrated or annoyed by my questions - in fact, she seemed to enjoy answering them! I had complete confidence in her throughout the entire home buying journey and it's clear she's well-respected in the industry. In addition to helping me get my ...

— Kira


My wife and I recently worked with Emily to sell our first home in Philadelphia. Emily was amazing to work with and took care of everything from collaborating closely with my wife to stage the house in a way that would be appealing to buyers, walking through our countless questions, and proactively discussing milestones and tasks related to the sale. Thanks to Emily, we received an offer, 10% over asking...

— Kevin + Megan


When we started looking for my forever home I knew I needed someone who was well versed in both Jersey and PA suburbs since we weren't set on a location. I went to college with Emily and was confident she knew both of these areas like the back of her hand so she'd be the perfect fit for us to find our dream home. It was a grueling couple of years trying to find our forever home that met our needs and had...

— Caitlin U.


My partner and I just moved to Philly from the West Coast. We were trying to figure out local housing stock, conditions, neighborhoods, real estate logistics, etc. We were initially working with another realtor we found online, but then I met Emily at an open house and immediately could feel the difference in approach and service. Just in a few minutes of conversation, Emily keenly picked up on a few thi...

— Angie + Michael


Emily is the one-stop-shop for all of your real estate needs. She has great connections with mortgage lenders, title companies, and home insurance. whatever it is that you need, Emily knows just the right people. I used all of Emily's recommendations and I could not have been happier with my experience working with them. During the search, Emily was highly knowledgeable about the areas I was interested i...

— Michael P.


Immediately I knew Emily was a good match for my partner and me. Not only does she know the ins and outs of the real estate world, but she is amazing at educating you along the way. Emily understands that in this business timing is everything. Her ability to think outside of the box can really make your deal stand out amongst the rest. We would not have ended up with our DREAM home if it were not for Emi...

— Max & Nolan


Emily helped us on our hunt for a home in a NJ suburb of Philly. It was our first time purchasing in NJ! She was patient with us; it was not an easy go. In fact-we made several offers before we settled on the home for us. She was familiar with the area and had great recommendations on dining and family activities. Emily also put us in contact with an experienced contractor, which made the renovation proc...

— Alex + Brit


Working with Emily, was terrific! Throughout this process, as my anxieties and fears grew, Emily maintained a calm and focused attitude walking me through every step of the way. I had been casually looking at houses for years online, so I thankfully had some what of an idea of what I wanted. Emilys keen eye and attention to detail helped find and close on the house of my dreams in 6 short weeks. Emily,...

— Natalie


I met Emily at an open house and was impressed with her knowledge of the local neighborhoods. I soon learned during our tours of houses that she is also knowledge about houses in general - from water heaters to pine wood finishing - she brought a level of expertise that I was not expecting in a realtor. Ultimately, she found the home that I eventually bought. It was pre-market only listed within the rea...

— Mikael


We willingly broke up with our Realtor to have Emily represent us after meeting her ONCE. My wife and I were first-time buyers and she was super willing to simplify the process from looking at homes and explaning the whole home buying process to us. She's so down to earth and is a welcome change from all the other realtors who are trying to make a sale but don't really give time to the buyers themselves....

— Ryan

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